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      Shangyan Electronics has been pursuing the advanced and innovative nature of the industry. It has invested heavily in introducing advanced production equipment at home and abroad, established and standardized automatic production lines, and established a strict and scientific quality management system. At present, each production base of Shangyan Electronics Company has advanced technology level and strong manufacturing capacity, which provides a strong guarantee for production efficiency and product quality.

      SMT Workshop

      MI workshop

      Production process capability
      ? Production Capacity of Single-sided, Double-sided and Multilayer PCBA
      ? Lead-free, halogen-free solder and ROSH process capability
      ? Production capacity of automatic glue filling process
      ? Suitable for assembly and welding of small pitch (0.3mm pitch) components and BGA
      ? 01005 Full Mounting Capability of Micro Components
      ? Analysis ability of AOI and 2D X-Ray scanning
      ? Laser Engraving Marking Ability
      ? On-line and off-line programming ability
      ? Research and Development of Automatic Test Function and Programming Ability
      ? Programming and Implementation of Automatic Assembly Capability for Finished Products
      Production Quality Control Ability
      ? 5S + Safety
      ? IPC standard(Certified IPC-A-610D,IPC-7711/7721)
      manufacturing execution system
      ? SPC
      ? DFX
      ? APOP
      ? PPAP
      ? ESD
      ? ISO 9001:2015
      ? ISO 14001:2015
      ? IATF16949:2016